Visionary, public speaker, world bridger, teacher, healer, musician, and Earth Ally. Shine is a master of flow state, human transformation and life force energy. He is the founder of World Peace Tribe, Peace Sticks, School of the Peaceful Ninja, and Shining Lion Music.

He is a passionate father of two, and deeply committed to children and the future generations.
Shine’s love of surfing, ecology, movement and healing traditions of indigenous cultures has led him on a life-long learning journey. He has traveled to over 15 countries and speaks several languages.

He has trained with masters of Taoism, Yoga, Capoeira and Shamans from the Americas, Africa, Hawaii, and Indonesia. He learned Chi Gung and Tai Chi sword with Chinese Martial Arts Grand Master Zhou, and Earth Wisdom with the Council of Indigenous Grandmothers.

After inventing the practice of Peace Sticks he continued developing and teaching methodologies to awaken primal life force energy. These methods connect to ancient tribal wisdom, and focus on healing and reconnecting human beings to our true nature, community and the earth.

Shine and tribe have shared Peace Ceremonies around the world and united with local people to craft Peace Sticks and create Eco Peace Centers.
Shine has worked with Peace Sticks in the fields of rehabilitation, corporate team building, professional athletic training, At-Risk Youth, and education. Shine is passionate about enhancing human potential, harmonizing with nature, and weaving a world culture of vitality and peace.


Scheduled Workshops

  • Peace Sticks

    60 min | Movement Lab, Imaginarium

    It is a life force activating, connecting practice played by throwing and catching Peace Sticks amongst each other. The first intention is to help the other person and in this way we build trust and clear communication, giving and receiving in balance and rhythm. The dynamic movement of the sticks opens us to the infinite possibilities of the flow of nature, bringing our bodies, minds, breath and spirit into a full movement meditation.

    Peace Sticks is a paradigm shift in our way of relating.

    Playing Peace Sticks allows us to experience these key paradigm shifts.

    1. Fear to flow state
    2. Competition to collaboration
    3. Separation to community​Peace Sticks cultivates vibrant health, pure awareness, life force energy, and balanced empathic, peaceful connection between people and all our relations.When we do a Peace Sticks group teaching it is also a ceremony. This signifies that we are using our intention to activate and unite our life force energy and consciously use it to bring peace and vitality into our beings and all life on earth.The teaching style uses, presence, acceptance, and forgiveness to clear blockages of fear and self judgment. This allows our genuine, child like love of learning and play to emerge.

    The methodology includes way of the circle, space of acceptance, unified breathing, music, shared rhythm, talking stick, and peace counsel. Each ceremony is unique and connected to a cause and fundraising for people and peace centers.

    Participants complete the ceremony having learned the basics of how to play and teach Peace Sticks to others, empowering each person as a peace maker.