Melissa Van Portfleet

Melissa Van Portfleet is a yoga teacher from Phoenix, AZ specializing in Vinyasa Yoga. With years of experience in group fitness, she has honed her skills as a yoga teacher with the help from Lori and Jeremey Lowell’s Drishti Beats Yoga Teacher Trainings. She is in her element when the union between music and movement guide her flows. Her education in Health Science and Personal Training background lets her weave a physical emphasis into her classes to provide the full body package. Mind, body, and soul.

Scheduled Workshops

  • Moon Flow

    60 min | Movement Lab

    Tap into your Lunar energy with this calm, cooling moon salutation flow. Enhance your central nervous system as you flow through lower impact poses meant to open your heart space and lengthen through your spine. Suitable for all fitness levels.