Magnolia Rasak

Magnolia Rasak is a devoted yoga teacher and clinical hypnotherapist who lives to serve her community. Magnolia began teaching yoga in 2002 and has traveled the world studying the ancient texts and practices of Hatha and Tantra yoga. Her offerings cultivate a deep and devotional exploration between mind, body, breath and spirit. Magnolia aims to guide herself and others toward a state of inner harmony and self discovery. She currently offers studio classes, yoga teacher trainings, workshops and private hypnosis sessions.


Scheduled Workshops

  • Yin Yoga + 432Hz Sound Bath with Magnolia and Shane

    60 min | Movement Lab

    Join Magnolia Rasak and Shane Thunder as you return to balance through a yin yoga practice accompanied by the powerful vibrations of crystal bowls and elemental gongs. The fusion of restorative yoga with a 432Hz sound bath will unify your body, mind and spirit into a potent force of healing. We will journey through a series of yin yoga poses inviting you to sink deeper into the present moment before dissolving into a deep savasana. Come breathe and release, stretch and soften, and let go of what no longer needs holding.