Derek Rubiano

Derek Rubiano is an experienced handstand and yoga instructor whose journey in teaching spans eight years across ten different countries. With a focus on making handstands accessible to all, Derek has developed a teaching style that emphasizes the personal growth and unique capabilities of each student.

His approach to handstands is not just about physical stength; it’s about exploring new perspectives and understanding the body’s potential. Derek believes that handstands are an inclusive practice, open to anyone willing to learn, and this belief forms the core of his teaching philosophy.

Derek’s expertise isn’t limited to the technical aspects of handstands. He emphasizes the importance of mental resilience and patience, creating a learning environment that nurtures both the body and the mind. His sessions are designed to be engaging and supportive, encouraging students to gradually push their boundaries.

Derek’s international exposure has taught him the value of adaptability and cultural sensitivity in teaching. Derek’s style is approachable and down-to-earth, allowing him to connect genuinely with students from various backgrounds, reinforcing the universal nature of handstands and their benefits.

Derek focuses on creating a positive and uplifting atmosphere. He is dedicated to tailoring his sessions to meet the needs of his students, ensuring they feel supported throughout their learning journey. For Derek, the true achievement in handstanding is not just in the physical feat, but in the journey of self-discovery and empowerment it initiates.

Scheduled Workshops

  • Festival Flipside: Invert Your Perception with Handstands

    60 min | Movement Lab

    Join us at Lucidity for ‘Festival Flipside: Invert Your Perception with Handstands,’ a unique workshop designed to transcend traditional physical exercise, offering a holistic experience of physical wellness, mental resilience, and spiritual grounding. This workshop welcomes participants of all skill levels to dive into the world of handstands within a nurturing and community-driven environment.

    At the heart of ‘Festival Flipside’ is the transformative power of handstands. This practice is not just about physical strength but is a journey that pushes the boundaries of what we believe is possible for ourselves. We’ll focus on both the technical execution of handstands and the path leading up to it, giving equal importance to patience, mindfulness, and self-discovery.

    Our session is thoughtfully tailored to suit the diverse needs and abilities of our participants. Whether you’re a beginner or have been practicing handstands for years, you’ll find the workshop both challenging and rewarding. The aim is not just to perfect the handstand but to explore it as a medium of personal and communal expression.

    In sync with Lucidity’s ethos, this workshop is more than just a learning space—it’s an opportunity to connect deeply with your inner self and the community around you. Our goal is for each participant to leave not only with improved handstand skills but also with a deeper sense of balance and perspective that enriches their everyday life.

    ‘Festival Flipside’ is an invitation to blend physical discipline with introspective growth, contributing to Lucidity’s vibrant celebration of art, learning, and personal development in a community-focused setting.”