Mara (aka DJ Luvhaus) is a classically trained musician and dancer who later in life found DJ’ing as a different outlet to share her love of music and dance. She learned at a young age in underground dance clubs that the dance floor can be a great place to work through your emotions and process anything life throws at you. She enjoys a lot of genres but mostly just loves to play anything that makes you want to shake your booty. Her selections tend to be fun and funky or dark and sexy but she also enjoys getting a bit moody now and then and sometimes plays tracks that are deep and emotional. Friends laughingly coined her genre as “Horny House” hence the name Luvhaus was born but she has been known to say she likes Tech House that sounds like Deep House and Techno that sounds more like Disco. Mara’s sound is a balance of raunchy and clean, sexy and tough, with low end rawness to get everyone on the dance floor.

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