Priya Deepika

Priya Deepika is vocal sound healer, producer and teacher creating sonic pathways for healing, transformation and empowerment through music and yoga. Priya is deeply rooted in the cultural traditions of her South Indian lineage. Inspired by Jazz, Blues, Disco and House, Priya is a soul singer and dancer at heart, weaving mystical traditions with a twist of electronic music. As a mediator and educator, Priya works with the Voice as a yoga and meditation tool, offering sound as medicine in professional spaces and for devotional practice. In performance, Priya offers her Voice to the altar of the Beloved. Her debut album, Hear in my Heart, sets lush soundscapes into the tantric mythos of Shiva-Shakti, a journey into the Heart of the Yogini. Priya’s latest productions further explore the liminal space of Sound, going deeper into the tapestry of raaga, Bhakti medicine melodies, traditional drones & rhythms with ambient and electronic elements.

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