Priya Deepika

Priya Deepika is a vocal sound healer and producer creating sonic pathways for healing, transformation and empowerment through music. Her music seeks to embody the deep seeded devotion rooted within the music and dance traditions of her South Indian lineage. Inspired by Jazz, Blues, Disco, classic R&B, House and Techno, Priya is a soul singer at heart and weaves cultures of love and devotion with a modern twist of electronic music. As a mediator and educator, Priya brings the power of music to the collective through sound ceremony, ecstatic dance and training in mindfulness and Yoga of the Voice. Through her music and profession she offers sound as medicine for emotional awareness, trauma-release and creative inspiration. In 2019, Priya released HEAR IN MY HEART, her debut album created in 432hz. This 5 song sound healing journey is a fusion of devotional melodies and electronic dance music. HEAR IN MY HEART brings you into the yogic mythos, journey into the heart of the Beloved and brings you closer to experiencing the Soul essence of your own divine creation and expression. Priya’s live performances of HEAR IN MY HEART offer a deeper dive into the ancient roots and cosmic tones of mood, color and taste(raasa), exploring the rich landscape of traditional drones, seed syllables and melodic Indian scales(raaga) .

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