Luna Jay

A musical family, middle and high school band, early music composition software and the catchy theme songs of PC adventure games set the stage for Lana’s future in music. Inspiration coming from artists such as Astral Projection, The Crystal Method and various metal bands sealed the deal, as Lana first became a bassist in a local high school punk band. With a growing magnetism to electronic music, she noticed the void of the genre in her hometown and picking up DJing came naturally, playing electro and breakbeats. Luna Jay scored her first gig on a Colorado-based online radio station in 2008, began playing shows in San Luis Obispo, and opened for Ron Reeser, Loli Lux and Kristina Sky. She earned a residency with local collaborative Bring The Vibe and continues to experiment with electronic music, curating every set to the atmosphere and nature of each gig. Her passion lies with house music and dark progressive techno to present something different on the dance floor: deep pounding beats with euphoric melodies and a forward-moving energy that takes audiences on an unfolding journey. This new step in her evolution brought a residency with Santa Barbara collaborative Underground Souls, including shows at EOS Lounge and finally a solid presence at their stage at Lucidity Festival starting in 2017, as well as a spot on Lucidity’s Nook stage in 2022. Burning Man 2018 brought Luna Jay several new opportunities as her sound continues to evolve with each gig, while she thrives to always stay fresh and bring forth a unique experience with each session.


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