Joshua De La Cruz

Joshua De La Cruz, widely recognized as Big Papa and the creator of Intentional Vibez, has crafted a diverse and unique sound that reflects his extensive travels and experiences from Miami to New York, Chicago to Connecticut, and finally settling in Los Angeles. His journey has allowed him to blend a variety of textures and sounds, establishing a distinctive style of House music that is both infectious and enlightening. Known for his eclectic mix and the compelling power of bass, Joshua’s sound appeals to a wide audience, promising to leave a lasting impact. He has provided direct support to numerous legends in the music industry, including Joeski, Sharam, Monkey Safari, SiS, Jimi Jules, and many others. Joshua has also headlined at legendary venues, such as YOUPLUSONE in BC, Vancouver, Terrace After-hours in Vegas, and Clinic Los Angeles, among others. Through his achievements, Joshua has carved a niche for himself in the LA underground scene, paving the way for future success.

Festival Locations: