Johnny V

Veteran of the Southern California Drum & Bass scene, Johnny V was awarded the Camouflage Heart in 2022 for his long-standing commitment to excellence and dedication to true junglism. Respect, Timeless, Big Booty Bass, the place that used to be called The Drink in Ventura… name an LA DnB institution or defunct 805 venue and Johnny V has been on the frontlines. Engaging in junglist warfare of the highest caliber, he is a meticulous master of the craft. To a fault, it’s ridiculous. Technically he’s not 805 by current residence but he’s still a core member of the medium crew, dropping Drum & Bass knowledge up and down the Central Coast. Sandwich always gives him crap for being kind of a diva, and he fully admits to it, but the proof is in pudding and his pudding is delicious.

Festival Locations: