Coki, renowned for his significant impact on electronic music, is celebrated by his DJ partner Mala as “creatively one of the sickest producers of all time.” Despite a career filled with classic tracks and memorable performances both solo and with Digital Mystikz, Coki remains distinctly detached from the industry’s hustle and hype. His influence spans across big names in dance music like Skrillex and Skream, yet he maintains a humble demeanor, focusing on the art rather than fame.

Coki’s journey in music is marked by a constant exploration of new possibilities, leveraging technology to craft groundbreaking sounds. His commitment to the community and the electrifying atmosphere of DMZ raves showcases his dedication to the genre. Unaffected by industry pressures, he continues to navigate his career with a sense of unpredictability, making each of his moves exciting and highly anticipated.

Whether it’s producing dancehall, collaborating with vocalists, or delving into grime, as seen in his recent work with MC Blacks, Coki’s approach ensures his contributions leave a lasting impact. His ability to surprise and captivate audiences remains undiminished, echoing the excitement of his early dubplates. Coki’s career, characterized by innovation and a disregard for convention, signifies not just his past achievements but also the potential for future contributions to the music world.

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