Christian Martin

Christian Martin’s journey into the heart of electronic music began amidst the mystical desert landscapes of Southern California’s Moontribe full moon parties in 1995. This early exposure to the raw and untamed spirit of electronic beats paved the way for an immersive exploration of the late ’90s club scenes in New York, London, and Los Angeles. By the spring of 2000, Christian found his home in San Francisco, marking the start of a new chapter in his musical voyage.

It was in 2002, under the guidance of his brother, Justin Martin, that Christian began his own foray into DJing. Armed with a collection of Justin’s old vinyl and a pair of second-hand Technics 1200s, he quickly honed his craft. The following year, driven by a vision to recapture the colossal energy of the desert soundsystems he once reveled in, Christian co-founded the dirtybird soundsystem. Together with Justin Martin, Worthy, and Claude VonStroke, they initiated the now-iconic dirtybird Sunday afternoon BBQs in Golden Gate Park, cementing their place as a beloved San Francisco tradition.

Festival Locations: