Brasscals! is Santa Barbara’s one-and-only street brass band, and they were just recently featured as the cover story in the Independent: Their unique sound gets any crowd moving with an explosion of acoustic joy that spans a variety of genres, from funk and jazz to klezmer, Balkan, pop, Latin and even some originals.

Brasscals! is a lively group made up of 13+ members, ages 21 to 87, from the Santa Barbara community. The band boasts a wide roster of talent – including woodwinds, brass, a banjo, a washboard, and one bull horn. United by a shared love of music, Brasscals’ diverse, multigenerational membership is what makes this band so special. Brasscals! play while on the move, have minimal set-up, and don’t need electricity. Their high-energy shows encourage crowd participation to increase the fun factor and break down the barrier between “performer” and “audience”. It’s all about the performance, so come see them and be part of the action. They look forward to seeing you at Lucidity!


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