Bird Lady

Jaclyn DeSantis, also known as Bird Lady, embarked on her DJ journey in 1996 at the age of 17, hailing from Long Island, New York, with the mantra “House is Home” guiding her path. Influenced by luminaries such as Larry heard, and Marshall Jefferson to name just a few, and immersing herself in the 90s rave and club scene of New York, Deep House took a hold of Jaclyn like no other genre of music has since.

In 2000, Jaclyn made the leap to Brooklyn, where she became a vital member of the esteemed deep house collective FSR (Funky Soul Rebels), renowned for their legendary underground warehouse parties in both Brooklyn and NYC. Together with FSR, she ventured beyond American borders, gracing stages across Spain, including the iconic Moog in Barcelona.

In 2003 Jaclyn moved to the West Coast, establishing herself as a resident DJ at Tropical House LA where she continues to play. For over 27 years, Jaclyn has crafted her signature sound, weaving together an eclectic blend of classic house, deep house, afro house, and contemporary gems, to tell unforgettable stories on the dance floor and beyond.

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