Alchemy Vibrations

Alchemy Vibrations creates an elixir of organic house, with live vocals, harp, and flute. Their sound is encoded with intention, designed for a cosmic journey, to remember and reveal the golden essence within through ancient wisdom & future visions alchemize into the present vibration.

As NYC natives who carry the energy from the city they call home, Alchemy Vibrations first emerged from the sacred sands of Burning Man, amidst the primal fires of transcendence. Today they travel the world offering rhythm as ritual via the sacrament of sound through their Live Performances, DJ sets, Music Productions, Visionary Odysseys, Sound Journeys, and Transformation Workshops.

As listeners partake in this musical journey, they are transported around the world, moving from the ancient to the contemporary, before ascending into a cosmic vibration. Their music is not just a tune to the ear, but a call to the soul, inviting everyone to tap into the golden essence within.

The live sets of Alchemy Vibrations are a sensorial sacrament. From intimate gatherings to large-scale festivals, each experience is a careful orchestration of energy, creating euphoric meditative moments intertwined with danceable cosmic rhythms. Participants find themselves in a dance of harmonizing frequencies, unlocking potent energies, and potential for manifestation.

Festival Locations: