Rebelle’s owner, Cristiana started developing her own sense of style from an early age growing up in Bucharest, Romania with an attraction to misfits and alternative people of the city.

After moving to California, through self study and various art classes she learned to express her creative side and decided that fashion was best her way.

From these roots, her vision of leading an artist traveller lifestyle has sprung and through the design of unique styles for young women manifested. She felt completely free to travel anywhere and as her clientele, she was a woman confidently expressing herself.

She has been traveling for almost 2 decades now, enjoying life as a rebel on the road and realizing what a blessing it is to be an international citizen.

Rebelle now represents a way of bringing together “under one roof”her own creations as well as those of talented artists & artisans.
She has meant to create more than a clothing line. She has created collections that empower. Showing her love for travel through style, Rebelle aims to inspire you- vibrant souls who love exploring and living free as she does. She also believe to inspire you to let your spirit shine, to express your uniqueness through beauty and art, and to live your life from your highest potential. “Know your worth”- collection started in 2017 is a continuing journey for her.