Pyrobar the Love Machine

The Pyrobar is a roving, gypsy saloon offering a cacophony of curious experiences lovingly stewarded by a band of partially synchronized misfits.

Traveling each year from the rusty mines of imagination to Black Rock City, Lucidity, and beyond, the Pyrobar serves up warm moments, chance encounters, and occasionally a clownish clamor to all who visit it. Even at rest, the Pyrobar sways and hums under the influence of its exuberant occupants and quirky accoutrements.

Sit by lantern light and listen to quickly cut quips, sassy non-sequiturs and ample anecdotes, gaze at aerial twiddling or take in live bands and DJs serving up exotic beats that make the mind travel – even when the car is at a standstill.

The Pyrobar immerses its visitors in an otherworldly, sometimes raucous but always inviting environment that is guaranteed to be a salient part of any memorable journey. (18 stars on Yelp!) *Mimes must be accompanied by children.