Pyrobar the Love Machine

It’s the merger of a psycho gypsy saloon wagon and a thoughtful, yet bitchy industrial dragon… a Dwagon perhaps??

The life-purpose of the Pyrobar is to provide exceptional service to mankind in the form of multidimensional, sensory experiences with an otherworldly style, transporting its occupants to a state of hearty opulence.

The Pyrobar proudly sways across the vast expanses and affectionately whores itself out to the Black Rock City populace as well as its hometown and points beyond throughout the year.

It does this with the help of its bevy of exuberant and sassy stewards: the Playastani coalition. Through these impetuous souls, drinks, quips, bohemian entertainment, aerial twiddling, anecdotes, compliments, and carefully-placed insults are passed on to the Pyro-patrons that grace our barstools from nightfall to sunrise.

The Pyrobar has often taken the path of an excitable serpent, tracing odd lines and finding opportunities to link with other cars, camps and the art of the greater outreaches.

Festival Locations: