Photon Collider

The Photon Collider concept is to create a set of infinity mirrors in the shapes of the 5 Platonic Solids. Plato theorized that these 5 shapes (named, Air, Earth, Water, Fire, and Spirit) made up all matter in existence. As infinity mirrors each shape provides a unique experience of an infinite and ever changing light show for viewers.

“Water” is a 20-sided (Icosahedron), 7 foot tall, wooden framed infinity mirror. Filled with LEDs and 1-way mirrors that come together to create a light show with depth and engagement that must be experienced!

An infinity mirror effect is created when light is trapped between two reflective surfaces. Bouncing back and forth at 300,000 km/s with no escape. No intent. A simple demonstration of physics that, with some modern electronics, results in a wondrous light show, enjoyable from any angle and that will draw in anyone that catches a glimpse.

Lay down, get comfortable, stay awhile.


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