Gregg Fleishman Studio Experience

Architect/artist/inventor Gregg Fleishman’s work is suffused with geometry and functionality. He is a licensed CA Architect with a degree from USC. His iconic SCULPT CHAIRS are in collections and museums. His patented designs obviate the need for screws or fasteners, using integral slots and notches in plywood, employing wood springs as hinges. Gregg’s mission is to continue developing ways to make building easier. Gregg has designed and built major art installations at Burning Man 2011, 2012, the Temple of Whollyness in 2013. He currently has a lesson “The Lost Triangle of Pythagoras” which was the theme of the “Geometrical Constructions” Guild Space at the Man Base in 2016.

A new piece of this visionary architecture will be on display in its own environment here at Lucidity, also including “SCULPTCHAIRS”, lamps and other items. These structural systems were developed over many years at play structure scale and tested at Play Mountain Place, a school in Los Angeles. Visit the “Playgoda” central to the play area in this years Family Garden.

In an ongoing geometry lesson, the mysteries of the cubic world open up before your very eyes. The lesson being taught here is the “Lost Triangle of Pythagoras” which involves the cube, a 3D checkerboard of cubes and the unifying properties of the rhombic dodecahedron. This includes learning about how it links the slopes of the faces of cubic polyhedra.