Fishbon, a pivotal element of the Lucidity Festival, stands as a cornerstone in the festival’s history. This Santa Barbara arts incubator played a crucial role in uniting the festival’s founding team and fostering a community of extraordinary dreamers. Known for specializing in a wide range of eclectic and innovative art forms – from the estranged and irreverent to the theatrical and whimsical, and even delving into environmental, hard-hitting science and technology – Fishbon represents just the surface of a yet-to-be-fully-unveiled creative iceberg.

The core purpose of Fishbon is to offer a dynamic platform for creative collaboration, mentorship, and the visceral experience of visual, aural, and performance-based art. It serves as both a forum and exhibition medium for artists to express and showcase their diverse art forms. Fishbon’s mission goes beyond mere artistic creation; it actively encourages collaboration across various disciplines, including artists, technologists, writers, designers, and performers. The aim is to create real-time, compelling aesthetic experiences that resonate with contemporary audiences.

Founded in 2000 and operating as a 501 (c) (3) arts organization, Fishbon continues to be a beacon of collaborative and innovative art, playing an instrumental role in shaping and inspiring the artistic community.