The Festival Chiropractor

As a curious and intuitive student of the human body, Dr. Freddy Garcia’s passion and focus is to bring awareness to patterns of stress and tension stored in the body. His life’s work is to address the root cause of these patterns, which often manifest as pain and dysfunction.

Noticing a need in the festival community, Dr. Freddy works to create a safe container to enhance your adaptability by addressing the state of your nervous system and spinal function. By facilitating movement through dysfunctional patterns of stress, disempowering emotions, and posture, creating space for your body to express its innate ability to heal. Using chiropractic as a catalyst, his goal is to bridge the disconnection of brain and body, allowing for more easeful integration of life experiences.

It was while obtaining his Bachelors in Psychology and working as a personal trainer that he realized his passion for facilitating health and wellness, but found he was craving even more depth in his understanding of the expression of life. Well-versed in both the mind and body, Dr. Freddy continues his exploration of the human form today as a Doctor of Chiropractic.

Within his first year under the alias, “The Festival Chiropractor,” Dr. Freddy Garcia has brought 8 unique experiences to the festival realm, spanning from workshops and retreats to healing sanctuaries, VIP offerings, and backstage artist adjustments. Dedicated to serving festival goers, artists, and musicians, he finds a great sense of purpose in reconnecting people with their inner music.


  • Chiropractic

Healing Description

My style is noninvasive, intentional, and considerate of what people are ready and willing to receive. In taking a playful approach, I make room for those on my table to explore their systems and get to know their own bodies. By always asking for consent if I feel a call to adjust a specific segment of the spine, I ensure that I am always gentle and respectful, and that safety is established.

The goal of my adjustments isn’t to “crack” you, but to create awareness of and space in areas of disconnect in the body. Overall, my approach is tonal with an energetic component, bringing a unique perspective and weaving together expertise not only from honoring chiropractic adjustments, but also from breathwork, functional movement, postural positioning, stretching, active tissue release, all working together to guide the body through integration of life experiences. In additional to full spinal adjustments, I also have training in extremities adjustments.


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