Paige Shores

Paige is a Deaf intuitive, born and raised in Huntington Beach, Southern California. She is the only Deaf in her hearing family, and has had the best of both worlds. For Paige, there is NO language barrier with Spirit. She is extremely sensitive, and has gone through a lot of tribulations with toxic family cycles, ups and downs in relationships and friendships, marrying very young at the age of 22, experiencing abandonment and divorce at the age of 27. She believes all of those situations have made her stronger, and made her who she is today, wanting the energy to be different for herself after failed relationships and friendships.

Paige’s main passions are focused on accessibility in the disabled community, educating others that are not familiar with Deaf culture, and she just graduated with her degree in ASL Linguistics and International Studies with the hopes of working with the Deaf community.

She is also passionate about sharing her love of yoga, and health and wellness through chronic health issues throughout her life. Trauma alchemy was exactly what Paige needed to find her purpose. She turned her pain into passion. That passion has led her to do MANY readings for many people, which has been very validating and inspiring for her to see other people to heal themselves.


  • Aromatherapy: Gem
  • Reiki
  • Soul/Spirit Energywork

Healing Description

I’m a Reiki practitioner, certified by best seller author & psychic medium Audrey Sloan Tate. My healing style is unique, as you have to see in person. It’s very important to me that my client, or the person feels comfortable and safe. I could ask some questions to make sure they are open enough for me to tap into and to give whatever messages I may receive from Spirit guides. I also am certified in Aromatouch DoTerra, so aromatherapy is something I like to incorporate a lot in my sessions. It is very important to me that the person receiving messages from me will feel calm and feel good.

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