Deitii is a musician and healing artist specializing in Reiki, meditation and oracle readings. Growing up as an empath, Deitii was highly sensitive to the energies around her, which lead to chronic health issues and depression early on in childhood. Her desire to serve the community through teaching began in 2012 when her psychic and healing abilities began to awaken and her health was reaching a crisis state while attending UCLA. She withdrew from classes that winter and went from being a closed off atheist to diving into the world of spirituality and metaphysical healing. On her quest for knowledge she discovered that love and God are two different words for the all-encompassing force that unifies both the light and darkness of our experiences. Since then, she has been on the path of healing and service as a meditation guide and advocate for mental health wellness. As a believer in spirit guides and a survivor of depression and paranormal attacks, Deitii is known to be authentic in sharing her personal stories. She feels that vulnerability is key to creating a safe space for people to connect in deep and powerful ways. Deitii’s dream is to end the stigma behind mental health and to share healing through music and meditation. She currently serves as a guide at MDtitate studio in Newport Beach..


  • Chakra Clearing and Balancing
  • Lucidity Elemental Oracles
  • Reiki
  • Tarot/Oracle Readings

Healing Description

I work with spirit guides and angels when I am practicing Reiki, conducting a card reading, or seeing a person’s chakras/aura. I approach my oracle sessions with the intention to empower the person I am working with. I will share any perceived strengths or blockages I sense and give practical advice on how to understand relationship dynamics, correct imbalances, and reestablish harmony. Those I am reading have the option to receive a general reading or ask a specific question on any topic that requires clarity.

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