Will there be an RV/Trailer camping area?

Yes. You must have pre-purchased an RV pass to bring your RV or trailer to Lucidity. We offer a very limited number of these in an effort to maintain enough camping space for all attendees. If you do not purchase an RV pass and show up with an RV or a trailer, you will have to park in General Parking and be subject to a higher impact fee (to reflect your larger vehicle). There is no camping allowed in the general parking lot.

Trailers that have been pre-approved for RV passes will not be permitted to have their vehicles alongside them. An RV or Car Camping pass is associated with one vehicle only. You can drive your trailer in and park it, and leave your vehicle in the General Parking Lot. You will be allowed to drive back in at the end of the event to hook up your trailer.

If you have questions, please email in**@lu**************.com