How does the onsite shuttle work?

We have an onsite Shuttle!!! To make your arrival more enjoyable and easier, we have large Shuttle trucks for you and all your gear that will bring you from the parking lots to the campground and back to the parking lots at the end of the festival. We will have a temporary unloading zone to unload your gear for the Shuttle before parking your car. Our stake-bed trucks have a lift gate to make it even easier to load up, but please pack your gear in containers, bags or better yet – a wagon will make your life a whole lot easier! 

We have Shuttle Stops on the campground at the far end of Dream Drive and right smack dab in the middle of the site. For exodus, we have a 3rd stop the entrance of the campground for pick ups for the upper parking lot. 

Shuttles will run from the upper and lower parking lots to the campgrounds throughout the festival.

Be advised: NO cars are allowed to drive up to the campground to get your gear on Monday, even if you were able to drop it off upon arrival. So pack up and bring your gear to one of the 3 shuttle stops and we will bring you to the lower and upper parking lots.