Jaraneh Nova

Born and raised in Tucson, Arizona, on horseback and raised by the pristine Sonoran desert of yore, Jaraneh holds a deep connection with her ancestors and the spirit of the land. She has been walking the good Red Road for many decades, and is a keeper of many traditional Native American Songs. An “elder in training”, she has deep wisdom rooted in Nature and Traditional Wisdom teachings. She is an empathic listener, healer and helper. As a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, Jaraneh is a magnetic performing artist who fuses the essence of her Apache and Inuit Roots with Electronic and Live Looped Music, often being called “the Voice from the Ancient Well”. She has been creating musical Prayerformances for many years, most recently in the form of a one woman event called “The Red Road Medicine Show”. Through her deep earth connection and lifetime of traditional Indigenous ceremony, she has embodied the ability to create ceremonial spaces. This ability combined with her acclaimed vocals has birthed a beautiful soundscape of unique, high frequency music that is woven with rich Native American textures and fused with inspiring lyrics, Indigenous Chants and deep healing transmissions.

Medicine or Calling

When you hear Jaraneh sing, its immediately clear that her medicine is her voice, and her calling is musical performance. She is a creator of ceremonial spaces, beautiful songs and transmissions of purity and love. As a carrier of Native American wisdom and traditional songs, when she gathers a circle, something transcendental occurs for the attendees, and for the creation. Something that touches the hearts and spirits of all who gather to hear.