Shawn Kessler

Shawn Kessler is a graphic artist that uses wood and lasers as his mediums. His company, “LaserTrees” produces incredibly detailed artworks intended for expansion of consciousness and inward reflection.

He is a university educated studio artist with over a decade of experience in production of vector art and six years of CNC machine production and maintenance. In 2008, he co-authored a scientific paper on Interface Design in relation to Aesthetic Design Theory, which dramatically affected his artistic style and pushed him to re-frame the concepts of Sacred Geometry so that they could be easily understood and communicated. After years of business management and laser cutting operation, LaserTrees was created as an outlet for his art.

His graphic style is clean, geometrically perfect and intended to appeal to the broadest possible audience. From the most intricate, small engravings to large scale installations, his ability to design for laser operation is unmatched in the industry.

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