Dietrich McGaffey

Dietrich McGaffey is a satyr with many hats. Village Witch, Holy Harlot, Apothecary Technician, Sauceror, Herbalisto, Yoga Maestro, Dionysian Devotee, Lunatic. Founder of Edible Alchemy Foods and Botanica Yoga, Dietrich travels the world as a culinary creative and counter-capitalist therapist. Find him behind the bar at the NOHM and on tour with Sacred Kitchens. @ediblealchemyfoods @botanicayoga

Workshops & Presentations

  • Conscious Omnivory and the Honorable Harvest

    60 min | Plant Medicine Way

    Challenge your thinking about dietary practices in this open forum discussion as we compare current data on environmental impact, ethical considerations, food access and sovereignty. Where does your diet come from? What is the balance between health and impact? Plan to get uncomfortable and address unconscious assumptions.

  • Gussied Up Gastronomy Gustation!

    60 min | Plant Medicine Way

    Wear your festival best! Come and play with the wisest witches in the west at The NOHM, sample some of our favorite concoctions, and talk about the elements of gustatory composition: aromatics, energetics, and aesthetics. We’ll mix with cocktail and elixir flavors, tinctures and bitters. Delicious and stylish! Costumes encouraged but not required.

  • NOHMad: Herbal Adaptogens for Travelers

    60 min | Plant Medicine Way

    Let’s talk self care and immune support! Come and dive into the herbal world of immune support and adrenal relief. We’ll cover plants and medicinal mushrooms to address the modern lifestyle and sample a few of your local witches’ apothecary.