Council for Peace

The Council For Peace was formed by Lucidity in 2014 in an effort to bring together Indigenous elders and cultural wisdom keepers from near and far, in an effort to foster unity, peace, healing and a concerted effort in the expansion of consciousness. This began with building relations with our local Chumash community and quickly extended outward as opportunities created pathways to building many cultural bridges. Today we are blessed to have returning, and new, ambassadors of peace, unity, and love which inform our opening and closing ceremonies and offer wisdom through traditional songs, story, and ceremony during the festival.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Campfire Storytime

    60 min |

    Noah Crowe and our Elders from Council for Peace host this family friendly, post sunset, just before bedtime (yeah-right!) storytelling circle to send you and your little ones off into lucid-dreamland or into lucid-danceland. Ancient stories. Stories of heart and sacrifice. Sometimes it’s Jumping Mouse, or the Boy Who Traded Clothes with the Stars, or maybe we’ll tell a brand new story, never heard before, a story from the ancient recesses of humanity, or a story of the future we are living and breathing ourselves into everyday. Welcome to the inner landscape. Welcome to the fire.