Anjula Ram

Anjula Ram emphasizes the values of equality and diversity, the connection between personal development and social change, and the reality of the interconnected nature of all of life. She loves to combine dialogue, exploration, and visual arts, which make her the innovative journalist filmmaker she is today.

Her journey leading up to 2020 has been captured in her capstone film project Essays from the Heart: Emergence from Within, as she integrated it with the collective journey and her personal calling. As she approaches her 40s she is now exploring female beauty and happiness in her upcoming film project Essays from the Heart: Dancing with Beauty.

Anjula has a multicultural background and possesses a steadfast commitment to her presence, vision, and creative expressions. Over the years she has acquired her masters degree in journalism, her bachelors degree in psychology and criminology, and certificates in both media producing and public relations. In her personal time she loves to paint, make jewelry, laugh with loved ones, and indulge in nature. Anjula is currently based out of Southern California and is often traveling.

Workshops & Presentations

  • A film and dialogue on non-dual sacred action for a more joyful dream

    60 min | Altar of Fire

    This session is a four part workshop . . .
    1. Film Screening: ‘Essays from the Heart; Emergence from Within’ (22 minutes).
    2. Presentation: ’Keys to embodiment’ (10 minutes) – sharing the principles covered in the movie, and their application though the filmmaking process.
    3. Group Dialogue: ‘Discovering what to embody next’ (15 minutes) – looking at what’s arising in, and calling for integration and expression in, individual participants lives.
    4. Q&A / sharing session to close (5 minutes).