Fishbon Theatre Presents: So You Think You Can Shaman

Align your chakras and get ready to test your festival culture knowledge because you could be the next contestant on So You Think You Can Shaman! From the minds behind the Lucid-olympic Games comes an interactive comedic quiz show that lovingly skewers our favorite themes and memes from the festival world and inserts them into classic games and challenges in the vein of Family Feud, Jeopardy, The Dating Game, and more. Our wacky host will invite real participants up on stage to compete with one another in an irreverent and silly sendup of festival stereotypes and tropes as they work to make it all the way to the Shamanic Showdown and the ultimate title of Top Shaman.


The Fishbon arts collective has been an essential player in the Lucidity Festival organization from Year One, bringing in speakers on the intersection of arts and technology, plus providing irreverent and entertaining theatrical performances such as “Not Without My Chlamydia” and “Rainbow Brite and the Great Rehab Adventure”.

Festival Locations: