Vortex Fountains

Vortex fountains can be viewed as physical manifestations of the dichotomy of water as an element. They do this by combining a powerful balance of creative and destructive forces. Water is essential to sustain life, yet it can be also be destructive enough to reshape entire landscapes. On the other hand, the tranquility of water allows it assume the shape of its container without even much of a fuss. Aside from this being a trait we might all be able to learn from, we as humans have also devised ways to impose ourselves on this incredible liquid, causing it to bend to our will. We have learned that water has the ability to store some of the energy we direct toward it – whether that is potential, kinetic or even in some eyes a spiritual energy. Vortex fountains utilize intense energies to create a rotating funnel of water, which captures the destructive quality of water as the funnel drains in a never-ending spiral down toward the abyss. However, these losses are equally balanced by generating new abundance, as water overflows and spills over the top edge of the fountain. It’s a mysterious dance of water and gravity that will be sure to inspire and delight you!


Festival Locations: