The Narrative Continues...

In the beginning, we invited you to awake within the dream and you stirred from your slumber to help create a movement of transformation. You were encouraged and guided by our Seven Totems on a journey of inner discovery. You embraced your consciousness and interconnectedness with all universal energies. Together, we fortified our collective power and rediscovered ancient wisdom that has sustained humanity for eons. We found ourselves at a Crossroads: bring this wisdom into our present reality and move forward with effective change or succumb to a lesser, futile path. And finally, reaching the end of these transformational milestones, we arrived at a place of high vibrational resonance, an Eudaimonia, where joy, hope and the endless capacity for love flourish.

Six years of personal and collective transformation. Was it all a “waking dream” in a lucid landscape?

No, it wasn’t.

A new day is upon us. A new story is welling in our hearts. We are awakening, not just to our infinite potential as individual beings, not just to our collective power when we reinhabit the village, but to our vast possitentialities as a species, interconnected with all of life. The rising sun illuminates where we’ve been and shines light on the path before us. We see this next rite of passage as a new quest toward a unified humanity, and we joyfully say YES, and Thank You!

Join us as we begin a new narrative and return once again to our beloved Live Oak Campground in April.

Lucidity: Rising Dawn | Tickets on Sale Nov 8 @ 9am PST

Does April seem way off in the distant future? Looking to participate and co-create with Lucidity Festival sooner? Then come play with us at our new Lucidity Festival Production:

Deja Vu A Mountain Campout of Mystery & Intrigue | October 21 - 22 | Live Oak Campground

We honor the autumn season with this Live Action Role Playing Mystery Theater Experience!  Get your character here and join us for the fun. Are you new to live action role playing or LARP? We’ve got some resources for you to make the most of it.

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