Debi Cable is dominating the Los Angeles Art Scene and rising to become the hottest black light artist in the country. Cable’s hand painted fluorescent 2D murals are enhanced by her signature Black light 3D…

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Debi Cable’s White Lotus Gallery

I have been working in various ways in the festival culture for the past 10 years. Although my fabulous mustache gets most of the attention, I have also been known to display my artwork in…

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Darren Minke

Francis Dawson’s work offering provides an invitation to ground into Earth and center within. He shares the conscious creation and growth of sculptures that are alive and unfolding, breathing and transforming. “My purpose is liberation…

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Francis Dawson

The Transporter is 90% recycled from last years project, the Peace Wall. It will feature 25 hexagonal panels suspended 12ft above our heads. The Peace Wall featured a painting depicting the story of the Phoenix…

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Santa Barbara based artist, Ethan Turpin uses cameras, optics, and found materials to challenge and inform our view of the world. His creative practice spans across old and new media to experiment with visual perception.…

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The Autonomous Video Hut

Carlos Padilla Carlos Padilla is a sculptor from Los Angeles who currently resides in Downtown Santa Barbara. His focus is to create work that is conceptually thought provoking. Working with many types of materials (like…

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The Font

FISHBON encourages creative collaboration between artists, engineers, writers, performers and participants in Santa Barbara, California. Fishbon’s mission is to encourage collaboration between artists, technologists, writers, designers, performers and participants to create unique, real-time, compelling aesthetic…

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At Arcology Now! our goal is to give you your freedom back. We are surrounded by fantastic technologies. We can launch humans to the moon. We can video conference with people on the other side…

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Arcology Now!

This mad science enthusiast will be showing you the stars through a telescope and explaining the nature of the Universe! Adam Gray is a beloved collaborator who brought us Stateside Magazine. Stateside Magazine and Stateside Promotions…

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Telescopic! with Adam Gray

Matt Elson, is a pioneering computer graphics artist and has worked in the high end of 3d for over 30 years.  In 2005 he returned to making Fine Art and is currently producing The Infinity…

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Infinity Boxes – Matt Elson

The Starlight Project  was first seen as an installation for Burning Man 2012. Originally seven twelve foot diameter icosahedron plywood stars were placed on the playa mapping out the constellation Orion creating a “heaven on…

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The Starlight Project

Nature Dreamweaver is an artist, poet, healer, teacher, comedian, beatboxer, and permaculturist on a shamanic quest for truth, beauty, and LOVE! He’s done over 100 art installations at almost 50 festivals, events, parties, conferences, and…

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Nature Dreamweaver

Gregg Fleishman is an architect, designer, artist and inventor whose work is largely informed by geometry and functionality. A Los Angeles native born in 1947, Fleishman has been a resident of Culver City for forty…

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Gregg Fleishman

OUR MISSION GuildWorks mission is to foster a holistic, supportive, co-creative business environment, which produces successful solutions for GuildWorks’ clients and customers. Through embracing a sustainable, environmental design-science approach, and the innovative use of new…

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Guild Works - Sebastian Collet and Family

A big piece of Santa Barbara Burner history.  Created by concept artist and Lucidity main poster painter legend, Mark Goerner, this art car is built to blow minds. This year the Pyrobar got a new…

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PyroBar Car - By Mark Goerner and friends

Brett McIntosh specializes in translating 2 dimensional ideas into 3 dimensional sculpture. His “Cosmic Column” has been a darling beacon to many, with hypnotic, original sequences that massage the mind. His pursuit of psychedelic craftsmanship…

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Brett McIntosh

The Cosmic Column

Chad ‘Fez’ Gaetz is the founder and lead designer for Alchemy Arts Collective. He is a Pacific Northwest native and has found his place in traveling with the ‘Circus’ building for festivals and gatherings all…

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Chad Gaetz

Fez & the Alchemy Arts Collective

Gerard Minakawa was born in New York City to Argentinian and Bolivian-Japanese immigrants and studied industrial design at the Rhode Island School of Design. He worked for several studios on both coasts as a product…

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BDNA for web 2014

Gerard “Bamboo DNA” Minakawa

Tim Thompson is a software engineer, musician, and installation artist. After working for Bell Labs and AT&T (20 years) and NetApp (9 years), he moved on to wide-ranging artistic work which includes a programming language…

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Tim Thompson – Space Palette

The Talk To God Phone Booth is celebrating its 12th year in existence. It was a creation of a group called the Ojai Bureau of Pleasure or (OBOP). Designed for burning man and the participatory…

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Talk to God Phone Booth

Harlan Emil Gruber is a large-scale sculptural artist who merges his interests in art, design, and science into a unique body of work. Inspired by the work of Buckminster Fuller and Paolo Soleri, he received…

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Harlan Emil Gruber

Jonathan Smith spent most of his adult life obsessed with traveling the world, learning languages and dabbling in cultures. Then one day, while visiting an art gallery in Santa Fe, he suddenly understood that he…

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Jonathan Smith Stix

Jonathan Smith

Beginning with two mechanical engineering degrees, Erica Halpern combines that with her highly creative and artistic outlook. She began designing things from lighting to furniture to toys. Erica enjoys creating functional interactive art in her…

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Erica Halpern

I am not sure if a bio is relevant for what I am bringing but if you want it here it is… Hi, I am Ayala. I am passionate about creating and sharing embodied play…

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Somatic Playground

I am amidst the activity of sorcery – a reinvention of our culture, behaviors, reactions, and expressions. The Transformation Of The Organism. The Spontaneous Works Of Circles. Our space must be of a powerfully energetic…

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Nick Lake

Multi-media artist Shana Koenig creates one-of-a-kind color-changing light sculptures, using fiber optics, glass, crystals, and LEDs. Inspired by organic shapes found in nature, including flowers, deep-sea bioluminescent creatures, patterns of the solar system, and a…

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WEBSITE-PHOTO_ Shana-Koenig_artist

Shana Koenig

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