The Story Continues April 11, 12 & 13 2014
Live Oak Campground Santa Barbara, CA

  • goddess grove

    Vivacious Jaguar of the Goddess Grove

    The Jaguar is the symbol of the untamed feminine, the moon, and water. This totem awakens greater assertion of the feminine in all her aspects: child, virgin, lover,seductress, mother, creatrix, huntress, destroyer, warrior, priestess, and wise women.

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  • Lucidity-80

    Courageous Dragon of the Family Garden

    Dragon is the great protector and guardian, making it the perfect totem for the Family Garden. Dragon represents the mystical, the supernatural, and the spiritual powers of change and transformation. If Dragon is your spirit animal, you’re very open-minded and accepting of other’s paths and of new possibilities. Dragon supports you in being enthusiastic and carrying a contagious vitality.

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  • 10

    Humble Tiger of the Warrior's Way

    Tiger is a solitary protector with a passionate yet disciplined spirit. While Tiger can be powerful and fierce, these attributes are kept calm beneath a majestic and noble demeanor. If Tiger is your spirit animal you are adventurous, sensual, physical, and you do your best work at night. The humble Tiger can be found holding down the Warrior’s Way.

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  • Lucidity-37

    Wild Monkey of the Nomad's Nook

    Monkey sees no evil, hears no evil, speaks no evil. If Monkey is your spirit animal you are creative and imaginative, carefree and exuberant! Monkey’s agile mentality provides you with inspiration and insight when you need it most. Monkey especially enjoys dancing and can be found in the Nomad’s Nook, swinging and jumping wildly to the funky beats.

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  • Lovers-Nest-Village

    Loving Dove of the Lover's Nest

    Doves are both gentle and very passionate, expressing these qualities in quiet yet powerful ways. Doves’ call speaks to our deepest self and stirs our emotions. If Dove is your spirit animal you impart calmness with your mere presence. Doves are also good communicators and lead with the heart, making them appropriate totems for the Lovers’ Nest!

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  • Lucidity-111

    Wise Owl of the Healer's Sanctuary

    Owl is the symbol of the feminine, the moon and the night. Owl is the bird of magic and darkness, of prophecy and wisdom. The Great Horned Owl is the harbinger of the Spring, which is why it sits atop our Lucidity totem pole, ushering in the vibrant new life of another year. If Owl is your spirit animal you are likely a strong dreamer, clairvoyant, or medium. The Owl offers guidance and wisdom and therefore watches over our Healers’ Sanctuary.

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  • Lucidity-201

    Playful Coyote of the Trickster's Playground

    Coyote teaches us that in the folly of others, we see our own foolishness and we learn from their mistakes. Coyote energy is tied to simplicity and trust. It stimulates and renews innocence and reawakens a childlike wisdom in the world. Coyote's howl touches the soul, reminding us of our primal connections. If Coyote is your spirit animal you are adaptive to new situations and have a close-knit family. You'll find Coyote at the Trickster’s Playground, laughing at the absurdity of it all!

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  • lucidity-arms-redux-2

    Create Your Own Star Family

    Perhaps you desire to add to our Lucidity star family community and are interested in bringing your group of intergalactic rangers, cosmic yogis, time travelers, or aliens, Great! In the ‘open source’ spirit we invite you to rally energy around your own Star Family camp environment. Send us a Star Family proposal complete with a brief description of your Family's offerings, and we’ll include you HERE on our website and perhaps even find your way onto our official map!

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