Michelle + Dave

Michelle and David have participated in every Lucidity event since the beginning, were early sponsors of the event, and were active through their former costume shop helping thousands of us dress up on the wild side for over a decade. They have been immersed in festival culture for almost 20 years, traveling to countless intentional gatherings throughout the West.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Hacking housing - Van life on the So Cal coast

    60 min | Pneumatic Nook (Altar of Air)

    Have you been frustrated with the high cost of housing along our beautiful coast?
    Wanted to lower your ecological footprint?
    Thought about living a more simple, free lifestyle?
    In this workshop, we will share our story of how we hacked the high cost of housing, and created a comfortable, legal way to live and travel cheaply and have a great time in the process.
    We have been living full time in our van, as a couple, for over a year, and we will share our many little hacks, tips, tools and suggestions to solve day to day issues, discuss the laws and rules of van living, and answer your questions.