Kate Morgan

Kate Morgan is a permaculture farmer and avid mycologist at Quail Springs Permaculture, an off-grid educational center and farm located in the high desert of Southern California.  She manages a 1.5 acre food forest garden, focusing on land regeneration, food production, and seed-saving for an increasingly hotter and drier climate. Kate is passionate about land stewardship and regenerative agriculture, rooted in the belief that connecting with our food systems is critical to climate stability.

She began pursuing her interest in environmental remediation with research on oil-eating marine microbial communities while completing her B.S. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at UC Santa Barbara. During a semester abroad in Copenhagen, she first encountered permaculture while volunteering in urban gardens and at local food-sharing organizations. Kate joined Quail Springs Permaculture in 2018 and has since led youth and volunteer groups in the garden, facilitated a mushroom cultivation course and now manages the site’s garden full-time.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Regenerative Living: Growing Food and Community in the High Desert

    60 min | Altar of Earth

    What does it mean to live regeneratively? We are living in an already seriously degraded environment, and sustainability is not enough. In the high desert of the Cuyama Valley, inland of Santa Barbara, Quail Springs Permaculture is an oasis of hope in a valley with aquifers severely over-drafted by Big Agriculture. Founded as a demonstration site for regenerative human settlement, Quail Springs works to share knowledge of land-based living and increase access to these practices: growing food in a hotter and drier climate and building earthen homes that stand up to fires and earthquakes. Permaculture farmer, Kate Morgan, shares the story of Quail Springs, a non-profit educational center, farm and community.