Deitii (also known as Rebecca Nguyen) is a Reiki Master, DJ, meditation guide, psychic reader, and performer from Santa Ana, CA. Growing up as an empath, Deitii was highly sensitive to the energies around her, which lead to chronic health issues and depression early on in childhood. Her desire to serve the community through teaching began in 2012 when her psychic and healing abilities began to awaken and her health was reaching a crisis state while attending UCLA. She withdrew from classes that winter and went from being a closed off atheist to diving into the world of spirituality and metaphysical healing, taking meditation and psychic development courses and receiving Reiki training. What she discovered is that love and God are two different words for the all-encompassing force that unifies both the light and darkness of our experiences. Since then, she has been on the path of healing and service as an advocate for mental health wellness through hosting workshops and teaching out of her main studio at MDitate in Newport Beach. As a believer in spirit guides and a survivor of depression and paranormal attacks, Deitii is known to be authentic in sharing her personal stories. From the most devastating soul-crushing traumas to the highest manifestation victories, she feels that vulnerability is key to creating a safe space for people to connect in deep and powerful ways. Deitii’s dream is to end the stigma behind mental health and to implement meditation as a standard in public education.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Energy Play

    75 min | Altar of Spirit

    One common psychic sense that goes undeveloped is empathy. Empaths, who are also referred to as highly sensitive people (HSPs), are individuals who can feel the emotions of others as though they are their own. Oftentimes they can be overwhelmed and experience high amounts of stress as well as health issues without the proper understanding and training of their psychic skill set. Many empaths become healers, counselors, and therapists because of their abilities to feel and know the pain of others. This workshop is designed for both empaths and for those curious about energy practices such as Reiki and chakra healing. We will be learning energetic clearing techniques and psychic boundary setting between self and other before diving into the energy play, using our senses to explore the subtle nuances, fluctuations, and impressions of our auras and chakras. Bring a partner to practice with or prepare to make a new friend!