Bloom (Robin Liepman) is an Earth Activist musician, event organizer, and pollinator of a regenerative paradigm.

Bloom is a co-founder of Blooming Biodiversity Permaculture, which toured the West Coast of North America on a journey holistic integrative Permaculture impact days. Bloom has worked as a Teacher’s Assistant for Starhawk’s Permaculture Design Course / Earth Activist Training, and Ecovillage Design Course on Vancouver Island, and for a Permaculture Design Course in Maui taught by Jenny Pell. He is a certified Permaculture teacher through Cascadia Permaclture with Jude Hobbs. Bloom is also the founder of Solar Sound Men’s Electronic Music Production Immersion, in collaboration with Shakti Sound, and co-founded the Ethnomusicology Immersion with Youssoupha Sidibe.

Bloom frequently organizes Permaculture impact events, Mycelium impact events, and music production events worldwide.

Bloom is dedicated to dream-weaving, co-creating, and pollinating a vibrant world that is thriving, vibrant, regenerative, harmonious, and equitable.

Workshops & Presentations

  • EcoPoetics and Earth Activist SongWeaving

    105 min | Drum & Fire Circle

    In this interactive and intimate songwriting workshop we will alchemize our collective creativity and co-create new songs about solutions for our current moment in planet Earth's multifaceted, turbulent, legendary, and beautiful journey.

    We begin our time together with vocal improv activities that will connect us through a rain-forest of sound to our collective ecosystem, and a solution-oriented counsel where we can express our grief and hope about the state of the world. We will then learn the basics of song-structure, and form small groups to weave our hearts and minds into song. This process is always profoundly fun and sparks the neuro-genesis of teamwork and creative collaboration.

    We will finish our journey by performing our songs to the whole group and anyone else who wanders in. The songs will be filmed and recorded and may just start a movement of musical Earth regeneration.