Bloomurian is the electronic music & DJ project of Robin Liepman (Bloom), originally from California, and currently Colorado based. Bloomurian‘s sound ranges from Ecstatic Dance, World Bass, Trip-Hop, Glitchy, Psy-Dub, & Trap, to face-melting, heart-opening, soul-awakening multidimensional frequencies.

Bloomurian recently landed in Boulder, Colorado, and has quickly become a local favorite, getting booked left and right for ecstatic dances, concerts, festivals, and retreats. Bloomurian weaves original tracks, collaborations, remixes, and tasteful selections, into a rich tapestry of sonic alchemy, always tuning in to the ideal vibe for each particular event and audience.

Bloomurian reads the energy of the moment and steers the spaceship in the direction most conducive to ecstatic states of awakening and embodied movement medicine. The vibe can get down dark and dirty, light vibrant and uplifting, psychedelic and transformational, and worldly, depending on what the situation calls for.

Bloom has shared the stage, opened, and closed for many notable artists including: Dirtwire, Amani (Desert Dwellers / Liquid Bloom), Porangui, Rising Appalachia, Mike Love, Gone Gone Beyond, Kaya Project, Erothyme, Equanimous, Skysia, Volo, Scott Nice, Ryan Herr, Pere (Tribone), and DJ Bushman (founder of Envision Festival).

In addition to DJing and Electronic Music production, Bloom is also a singer/songwriter, event/retreat organizer, and a Permaculture Designer.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Shakti and Solar Sound: Music Empowerment Panel

    120 min |

    A phenomenon has recently arisen in the world of transformational music education, combining Womxn’s Empowerment and Men’s Work with Music Production & DJ Education. Respectively titled the “Shakti Sound: Womxn’s Electronic Music Production Immersion” and the “Solar Sound: Men’s Electronic Music Production Immersion”. These events have taken place in Nevada City, California, scheduled to occur in Costa Rica just prior to Envision festival, and soon expanding to other locations.

    We will bring together music producers from the Lucidity lineup that have taught at these immersions, to discuss their journey as musicians and the dynamics of female/male/non-binary experiences in the music industry and within festival culture. Each teacher will impart music production and DJ wisdom unique to their personal style and experience. We will have Q&A;, and will showcase music created during these retreats.

    Our panel consists of:

    Shakti Sound Artists: Dela Moon, Imagika Om, A Hundred Drums
    Solar Sound Artists: David Satori (Dirtwire), Ahee, Yohm, Noetik, Cello Joe

  • EcoPoetics and Earth Activist SongWeaving

    105 min | Drum & Fire Circle

    In this interactive and intimate songwriting workshop we will alchemize our collective creativity and co-create new songs about solutions for our current moment in planet Earth’s multifaceted, turbulent, legendary, and beautiful journey.

    We begin our time together with vocal improv activities that will connect us through a rain-forest of sound to our collective ecosystem, and a solution-oriented counsel where we can express our grief and hope about the state of the world. We will then learn the basics of song-structure, and form small groups to weave our hearts and minds into song. This process is always profoundly fun and sparks the neuro-genesis of teamwork and creative collaboration.

    We will finish our journey by performing our songs to the whole group and anyone else who wanders in. The songs will be filmed and recorded and may just start a movement of musical Earth regeneration.