Ashley Moon

Ashley Moon is an artist, activist, and alchemist.

As a decluttering empowerment coach, organizing master, and reader of the Tarot and Akashic realms~ she is deeply devoted to the art of letting go, making space, healing, and getting more free- as a way of life.
This is her 4th time attending Lucidity and while she has helped organize environments here in the past, this is her first time teaching- as well as – offering us oracle readings. How exciting!

Her team services Greater Los Angeles in person and Ashley supports her clients virtually through coaching, consulting, and counseling- both privately and in groups. She recently launched The Inner Outer Space School membership + community; is loving it up, and encourages you to join the movement!

Miss Moon teaches mindfulness, conscious consumerism, essentialism, and the art of manifestation. She teaches how clutter, of all kinds, limits our infinite potential, along with ways we ourselves can practice decluttering magic mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and energetically- as individuals, communities, and a world.

She began offering Tarot and Akashic Record readings for those seeking even deeper clarity, healing, spiritual guidance, and soul purpose empowerment. She provides additional options, like integration coaching, so that the wisdom received in sessions can actually be applied realistically, through compassionate accountability.

Ashley has an MA in Human Development & Social Change and a BA in American Studies. She is a graduate of the Modern Day Priestess Institute, the Akashic Records Institute, the 22 Teachings School (for Tarot); two yoga teacher trainings, Hypnosis, Reiki, and the list goes on. She is forever a student of life and is always eager to learn more and facilitate opportunities for people to learn from each other. Be sure to say hi online or at the festival!

Workshops & Presentations

  • Conscious Consumerism and Essentialism Today

    90 min | Altar of Earth

    We know it’s time. And so what are the ways we can be mindful consumers and still feel wildly abundant?

    How do we know what to trash, recycle, e-waste, hazardous waste, donate, or sell? How can we mindfully shop or consume?

    What can we do to simplify our lives while making a huge green impact on the earth, one body, family, or community at a time?!

    Come get inspired and take home with you real tools and strategies that will not only help you, but help our precious planet. It can be such a fun, liberating, empowering, positive experience!

    Don’t forget to bring stuff for the Swap booth! Learn how to have your own swap parties at home too!