Tipper started his career in the UK rave scene during the late 90’s as a teenage prodigy of the new electronic sound. This modest technician is one of the creators of what is now commonly…

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Love and Light aims to break the mold of the dance-music experience by providing a fresh and uplifting take on bass music that, unless you’ve had a live connection with the duo, you’ve never heard…

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Love and Light

Traversing the cosmos, gliding across dimensions beyond time and space, Kalya Scintilla brings universal shamanic journeys through his music to planet earth straight from his heart. His music paints sacred soundscapes with world fusion beats…

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Kalya Scintilla

Haywyre consists of Martin Vogt, who has been studying piano for over 13 years and has been constantly progressing in both his productions and the mastering of the instrument. At the age of six, Haywyre…

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Bird of Prey is Bay Area native Torin Goodnight. Pursuing electronic music for over a decade, he has refined his sound and style to offer something unique and powerful to the electronic music community. He…

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Bird of Prey

Mr. Rogers’ sounds have long captivated the West Coast underground arts community, but now the secret is out and this pioneering producer is poised to conquer the far reaches of the dance floor with his…

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Mr. Rogers

Birds of Paradise is California-based producers Torin Goodnight (Bird of Prey) and Tyler Gibson (Gibson). Each has a decade of experience behind him, and has been steadily making waves in the electronic music scene. Having…

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Birds of Paradise

“The Human Experience” is David Block’s principal project as a live electronic composer, multi-instrumentalist, producer. Listeners experience a delicious symphonic blend of prismatic soundscapes and sultry beats. David is constantly pushing the boundaries of live…

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The Human Experience

“Digital Rust is one of the leading emerging artists in low tempo dance music, as his tracks are featured in many DJ sets of some of your favorite Headliners. His live performances always exceed expectations…

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Digital Rust

A nomadic San Franciscan who started playing music at the age of thirteen, Nominus blends his wide range of musical talents to create a unique and genre-defying sound. He began his musical journey as a…

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2NUTZ is a collaboration of lazer technicians kLL sMTH and Atomic Reactor. Their mission is to create a unique, uplifting, high energy experience that always leaves you wanting more. 2NUTZ will launch you to a…

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Sixis is the latest musical venture of Bay Area native Ben Wyss. This project fuses distinct sonic spaces with danceable bass music aesthetics to create a thought provoking and emotive experience. Synthetic and organic elements…

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Jake Penn, known as Mumukshu, is a young auditory artist making strides in the underground glitch community. Originally from Minneapolis, he resides in Los Angeles and is caught dripping bass all along the West Coast.…

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Bogtrotter is a producer coming from the American midwest.  His unique psychedelic style is meant to take you on a psychonautical journey through space and time. Influenced by dubstep, psytrance, and various other musical sources—and…

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Soulular Vibrations bring mind stimulation and heart activation, in a fresh blend of synthetic and organic sound manipulation, with original, interesting arrangements and lush atmospheres– shaped by hard intricate beats, deep bass and spacey dub…

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Nanda Resides in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California. A striving Producer and dj who is often going to and fro rumbling subwoofers with crystallized sonic frequencies for the Sub wookie intelligentsia. Nanda has had…

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Geno Cochino’s hard earned veteran experience in all genres of Bass music have helped him to ignite dance floors and make waves in the dance music community since day one. With years spent studying music and touring…

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Geno Cochino

Ryan Aicklen, better known as GRiDWORK, is much like the music that he produces, both worldly and complex. His musical affectation is unsurprising considering that he moved constantly throughout the United States during his youth.…

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Duffrey is an electronic music producer with a unsatisfiable hunger for brain tickling soundscapes and funky bass. Woody Klann, an Oakland based drummer and musician from a young age, has been squeezing sounds from his…

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As one of the West Coast’s most notable and sought after DJs in the festival scene, Dragonfly brings his deepest selection of bass-bumpin’ trans-globalized grooves, featuring smoldering rhythms and beats that reference the Gypsy, Balkan,…

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San Francisco-based ALIA weaves an intoxicating, luscious blend of sacred sensual sounds that bridge ancient frequencies with cutting-edge bass to create a pulsating, hypnotic journey that leaves you breathless. As a Producer, DJ, and Vocalist, she…

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Since the mid 90s, Ryan Origin has been involved with Drum & Bass in one way or another. As a DJ, he’s played across the US and Europe at festivals, raves, and nightclubs of all…

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26 Year old Andrew Gruver, aka The Pirate, has etched out a solid place for himself in the highly saturated DJ real estate along the Coastline of California and beyond in just 5 years behind…

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The Pirate

In 2000, Witness attended his first rave and was instantly drawn to DJ culture and the dark sounds of drum & bass. With early influences such as Freaky Flow, Dieselboy and Andy C, and love…

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DJ, Producer, Graphic Designer and “Missionary of Music”, Swami delivers a wide range of musical styles… from downtempo, trip-hop and dub to midtempo, breakbeat and psy. Melodic and beat-oriented… Swami’s music is spiritually uplifiting, original…

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Seventh Swami

Electric Dandelion is the musical manifestation of Los Angeles based multi-instrumentalist Alan Joseph.  Carefully fusing elements of trip hop, ambient, industrial and downtempo, his luscious melodic bass heavy soundscapes take listeners on a journey into the elements of…

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electric dandelion

Electric Dandelion

As a long term underground party and even old-school rave aficionado, Pope enjoy the vibe represented especially by breakbeat combined with dark, progressive and psychedelic styles. Over the years it became apparent from both the…

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Sharu’s first spiritual awakening occurred while dancing on a dry desert dance floor two years after he started DJing in 2000. Since then he has been merging ancient and electronic technologies to facilitate awakenings through…

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Entheo is the musical duo of Amma Lightweaver and Theo Brama. Their electronic music is a delicious blend of downtempo rhythms and uplifting hooks, layered with pop-inspired ceremonial vocal injections. Amma Li’s sweet buttery vocals are wrapped in…

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Sometimes less is more. The evolution of the experience of sound changes as we age. One could say the same thing about Dabis. Minimalism is a recurring theme that is becoming more evident with our…

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Cumulus has his roots in the underground full moon party scene of Santa Barbara, California, in the early 2000s. He began to capture the audiences of these events with gorgeous sunrise sets and incredibly technical…

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9 Lives doesn’t have a bio or a fancy write up by a PR company, he thinks the music should speak for itself.  But just in case you were wondering, he’s a Santa Barbara local,…

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9 Lives

Producing frequencies that bridge the gap between nature, technology, and mind, Stridah stands to channel the endless offerings of the Datacloud and form them into the physical. Inspired by the forever hours of countless unslept…

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Inspiration through bodies movin’, dance floor groovin’- Ragga heat make the dancehall explode! Irieyes continues to push the club boundaries with original, remix and collaborative music all inspired by heavy bass, ragga lyrical content and…

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Brian Martin has gone under many DJ names in his 20 plus years of DJing and producing, but the name Jahmontee stuck with him through the years. Jahmontee has been moving dance floors since 1990…

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Eligh, a self-described “genre-breaking, obsessive bass fiend” has continued to sustain himself as a salient figure for over fifteen years within the increasingly fickle and rapidly revolving world of hip-hop. The Los Angeles native has…

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Oregon-native Nahko, born a mix of Apache, Puerto Rican, and Filipino cultures and adopted into an American family, suffered an identity crisis from an early age. But the unifying power of music entered his life…

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Nahko (solo)

Art that enchants, invigorates, and awakens the imagination has always been born of the rule breakers, and no one is breaking the rules more joyously, more fervently than Kansas City’s Quixotic. A melting pot of…

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Northern California’s outlaw music bards bring a reputation for high-energy live shows and an incomparable fusion of bluegrass/old time, southern rock, and old school jam to stages and festivals worldwide. This “High-Octane Hootenanny” will certainly delight those interested…

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Poor Man’s Whiskey

Masood Ali Khan percussionist, composer, producer has a unique musical sound that inspires a meditative experience with his mesmerizing combination of the ‘Hang’ drum and sacred mantras. Born in London UK, from a Muslim heritage,…

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Masood Ali Khan

Rainbow Girls formed in the bottom of a radioactive crater. The first two colors to explode grinning from the mud were Red and Yellow, who soon realized that in order to fulfill their destiny, they…

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Rainbow Girls

Transformational Journeys via Digital Violin.  The world’s premier digital violinist, Dixon’s life mission is to inspire people!  And he has done so across North America, captivating audiences at intimate shows, and wowing crowds of thousands,…

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Dixon’s Violin

Joey Chang aka CelloJoe is an anomaly in the world of cellists. By combining cello with beatboxing, he has created a unique genre: Classical Hip Hop. CelloJoe records live on stage with a loop pedal and…

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Cello Joe

Drawing its inspiration from the clove and incense scented air of Bali, Indonesia, Gamelan X explores the sonic landscape of contemporary beleganjur gamelan to offer a wildly unique expression of both East and West. From…

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Gamelan X

Gamelan X

The LuvAmp Project is an artists collective combining traditional and contemporary understandings of the heart to create art, media, and music to amplify the frequency of love!

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LuvAmp Project

Rooted in Classical Indian and Vedic Music, Avari weaves a Tantric Sound journey with Seed Syllables of the Sacred Elements, Mantras and Invocations of the Divine Feminine, Masculine, the Lover and Beloved and blissful melodic…

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Ricardo is an accomplished musician, composer, producer and teacher. He has an extensive experience as World Percussionist and Singer, an expert in ethnic styles including music from India, Mideastern, Cuban-Latin, Brazilean, Spanish Flamenco and African. He…

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Ricardo Hambra

Gypsy Rock! Danyavaad plays live original Middle Eastern flavored music featuring soaring vocals, electric sitar, saz, violin, and tribal drum beats. They create an atmosphere of Middle Eastern lounge mixed with Indian vibes and rock.…

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Inspired by a bizarre family tale of a sinister radio that possessed its listeners, bandleader Giovanni DiMorente approaches his music as if turning the dial, transmitting a vibrant spectrum of musical styles, lost in time, yet timeless. This…

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El Radio Fantastique

In the world of hip-hop, Yoshi is utterly unique: a versatile rapper, poet, and songwriter who explores the alternative direction of healthy, conscious living. His passion to deliver uplifting and entertaining messages and hope for…

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Kiyoshi Shelton feat. Krista Richards

Dear Beloveds began as a folk band consisting of siblings Elisa and Gunnar, based in Ojai, California. After performing duo for two years they met bassist and electronic music producer Oliwa Sparkles (He’s My Brother,…

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Dear Beloveds

ERLAND evokes the spirit of heart-felt Americana/Folk/Rock with comparisons in the style of The Lumineers and Wilco. Their debut album”On Our Side” was fan-funded and self-released February 28, 2013 under ERLAND’s independent label Zero to…

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O’Reilly began his musical journey as a blues guitar player, with his ear pressed close to the ancient hiss in the works of Blind Willie Johnson, Mississippi John Hurt, John Lee Hooker, Charlie Patton, and…

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Marty O’ Reilly

Rising Son is a roots rock reggae group from California.They released their debut album “Take Root” in 2006 featuring a diverse collection of 12 powerful songs. From the uptempo futuristic funk of “Communication” to the…

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rising son

Rising Son

Maestro Montino Bourbon del Monte is a Master of Sound. He is a lineage holder of several ancient traditions, notably the Beenkar Gharana, the oldest and most respected lineage of Indian music. He directed the…

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Montino Bourbon

California-based, Cornerstone, has been pumping out high-energy reggae since 2005. Their style has evolved into an emerging urban reggae sound like no other. Comprised of Santa Barbara’s local reggae veterans, this all- star line up…

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Gypzy Suite was created by a group of performers from all over the world. The troupe consists of professional Cirque and Cabaret performers that create a marvelously unique and playful performance experiences for corporate and…

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Gypzy Suite

Earth Wake has captivated audiences since first performance in Northern CA. Dylan James Byrne approaches music fearlessly, with arms and heart wide open. With a wide range of influences, Dylan embodies a very raw and…

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Earth Wake

From soothing ambient soundscapes, to acoustic medicine songs & ecstatic rock, to sunrise downtempo lovestep dance music, Entheo dabbles in many styles, but always aims to open the heart and connect us deeper with-in. Drawing…

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The path to achieving a dream can be a long, arduous journey. On it, you see remnants of those that have traveled before you. You see lost hope and altered courses. Indie-folk artist, Greater Alexander,…

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Greater Alexander

The Coffis Brothers & The Mountain Men are a Rock and Roll band born and raised in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Songwriters Jamie and Kellen Coffis are backed by Kyle Poppen on lead guitar, Mason…

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Coffis Brothers & The Mountain Men

String Theory is a blend of electronic composition and impeccable musicianship, seamlessly fusing live violin, cello, bass, electronic drums, synthesis, and experimental sampling. Classically trained, String Theory delivers bass heavy, ambient, and heady beats that…

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String Theory

After years and years of being a traditional musician, Ochito the Owl took on the exquisite and complex art of the looping and with it he has abandoned all conventional and traditional methods of making…

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Ocho The Owl

What if JS Bach made electronic music? Trained in classical piano since the age of 7, Underbelly aims to combine his classical upbringing with the electronic sounds of tomorrow. After making a hip-hop beat everyday…

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Starting off as a Hip Hop DJ in 98’, Stylust Beats quickly got into the production game. While spending many years exploring many genres, finding his own sound and honing his craft, Stylust has emerged…

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Stylust Chair Promo NO LOGO

Stylust Beats

When it comes down to all the press and hype, his name says it all. He is Worthy. With an in-depth knowledge of production, mixing, and performance, Worthy has the insight to play for his…

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Range, appeal and a massive dose of nasty, gritty bass are the three chief weapons every Dirtybird artist has in his quiver, but Ardalan seems to be the peak culmination of all those assets in one wieldy…

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Garnering support from Toddla T, Worthy, Cyril Hahn, Salva, B.Traits, Kry Wolf, Kastle, the legendary King Britt, and even Tiesto, Jason Burns has quickly become your favorite producer’s favorite producer. The Ohio-bred, Portland-based artist has…

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Jason Burns

Perfecting the art of audio alchemy, Oakland based dj/producer Michael Anderson Lapp aka MiHKAL is quite possibly one of the west coast’s best kept secrets. Notorious for his emotionally charged, melodically driven, bass heavy mixes,…

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With over a decade of experience DJing and Producing, VNDMG is making moves in the electronic music scene. Anthony VanVranken, A.K.A. VNDMG (pronounced Van-Damage), brings a more progressive and psychedelic flare to the world of…

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Le Moti is the Pittsburgh based Future/Hip Hop/Bass project of producers Durtysneakz & Slopes. Formed in 2012 these two young producers have spent the last year in the lab cooking up future bass, glitch, reggae,…

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Le Moti

Le Moti

Tim (Ruff) Hauser has been mixing for 16 years and producing for 10. He has definitely lived up to his name with his Ruff and rugged production. Tim Has developed a style of his own…

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Ruff Hauser

Uninterested in a world that sticks creativity in a box, Trevor Kelly challenges the status quo and dives into the depths of the human creative stream. Trevor inevitably takes his listeners on a sonic journey,…

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Trevor Kelly

Terrakroma is the three headed groove collective created by Andrew Schiavone, Armando Berdecio & Gabriel Valda. From the beat factory you can hear a wide range of influences coming from Andrew and Gabriel making beats…

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The idea is simple. Ryan Origin wanted to change the way he was participating in music, so the KURU project was born. Combining elements of bass, techno, and progressive dance music, KURU rocks dancefloors &…

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With a name like “Sex Pixels,” one would expect a loud, outrageous, over-the-top duo of hardcore partiers with zero disregard for noise ordinances or genres. And on certain occasions your expectations would match reality. But…

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Sex Pixels

Tha Cat’s Pajamas is the new experimental Psychedelic Minimalist Shamanic House/funk/techno/whatever project from composer/producer David Block. David’s other project “The Human Experience” explores cinematic sensual downtempo broken beats with fat beats and deep baselines. Hope…

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Tha Cat’s Pajamas

It all started with Wu-Tang & Daft Punk. What began as a hobby scratching vinyl at age 13, the passion and drive of Mikey Lion has since turned him into one of the fastest rising…

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Mikey Lion

There’s a wild Jungle, full of crazy freaks, beats and treats….a Jungle bursting with the sound of techno and booty movin bass…where the tribe leaders know no limits and the wilder, the better. And deep…

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Kansas City born and raised, Chad Westmoreland’s (DJ Chadillac Green) passion for music sparked in the mid 1990’s from hip-hop culture and music. It’s diversity, influential dance, and eclectic sampling drove him to buy his…

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Chadillac Green

Future Relic is the alter ego of Taylor Lane aka TLane. Taylor is a Santa Barbara native, DJ and producer. “Although the man known as Future Relic (born Taylor Lane) has become possibly the most…

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Future Relic

Making his debut in January 2014, Brandon Blue is the future bass alias of Santa Barbara native and dubstep producer Wabble.  Currently living in Los Angeles, Brandon spent the last year writing and recording his…

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Brandon Blue

Evol Morg consists of brothers Robby and Casey Earle from Oakdale, California. The two grew up living very active lifestyles and enjoy skiing and fishing. Always musically inclined, the brothers realized their passion for transforming…

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Evol Morg

DJ, quasi-producer, button-pusher, booty-grabber, and genuine pervert, Mico Suave ties together common elements of house, techno, and hip hop to create a bass-fed aural lubricant of the slipperiest nature. His sets invoke feelings of love,…

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Archive 95 is a project recently put forth by local Santa Barbara resident Aaron Garcia. Starting with Jungle in the 90s, Archive developed an infatuation with cutting edge new school Bass Music..Bass Music that is…

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archive 95

Archive 95

Bix King Kaufman, originally from Santa Monica, California grew up on Punk, Metal, Rap & Daft Punk. His influences range from the Gap Band, Black Flag, Kraftwerk, Rage Against The Machine, Wu-Tang Clan, Pantera, Roni…

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Bix King

Rene Lomeli or theblacklightspecial (tbls) A native of Santa Barbara, CA and active participant in the city’s EDM scene, Rene’s style encompasses a minimalistic approach towards Techno, House, and Disco. Spending countless hours searching for…

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Rene Lomeli

DJ Calvin Riley is a SB native who began DJ’ing in the underground/club scene in the late 90’s. Since then he has taken his tables with him around the globe developing his style and cultivating a world-class…

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DJ Calvin

Underground Souls, Music is Love, sbtherapy, 12 Monkeys -Hogg has been an Santa Barbara staple for more than a decade. Before he ever picked up a record, Hogg cut his teeth on the warehouse floors of the San…

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DJ Hogg

Emerging from Santa Barbara, Blayze has been garnering influence from the San Francisco, Denver, and Socal electronic music scenes. After evolving from his initial Electro House sound in 2008, Blayze met a bunch of stark…

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à la modë, an eclectic and genre re-defining duo, emerged through a common love of music and years of relentless debauchery during their years at UC Santa Barbara. The two decided to join forces to…

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à la modë

Decoy is a Southern California based DJ and Producer currently hailing from Santa Barbara, Ca. Through the influence and use of multiple genres, he creates a unique and constantly evolving setting throughout his music and…

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Two Santa Barbara mates making Sangria inspired sounds. Block-party style mixing incorporating an eclectic range of genres from Deep House to Drum & Bass to Gogol Bordello. Picture a whale made entirely of rainbows. Follow…

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Carlo Rossi Crew

Zack Morgan created Convex when he re-directed his focus as a rock guitarist to creating electronic music. Influenced largely by Above&Beyond, Hardwell, Andrew Bayer, and Mark Knight, Convex’s productions achieve distinctive energy, with breakdowns reminiscent of trance…

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Sarthe, also known as Tyler Robinson, is the Santa Barbara, Ca based DJ who is the reigning Santa Barbara Redbull DJ Master Champion. Sarthe is a 4th year Film and Business management double major at…

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Optimo (Jawn Kim) is a 22-year-old DJ currently playing out the hottest parties and clubs in Santa Barbara, CA. He started his DJ career 4 years ago in Orange County and since then has opened…

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Lynx began her DJing career in Philadelphia in 2011 and continued her passion for DJing once reaching college at UCSB and continues to pursue and evolve her music taste to represent her attachment and love…

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As far as names to watch in the music business go, Dylan Chase is one that warrants respect. Currently a senior at the University of California Santa Barbara, the 21 year old Chase has emerged to become…

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Dylan Chase

Born naturally with rhythm, Shylah Ray sings like strings and things that sound like heaven on Mother Earth embodied…A soulful and conscious lyricist and songwriter, Shylah brings the sunshine out of everyone with her positive…

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Shylah Ray Sunshine

Lux Moderna is an alchemical priestess in service to ritual, performance, healing and community. She is an artist that embodies her divine gifts in order to elevate others into their own embodiment of Truth. She…

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Lux Moderna

CRAIG KOHLAND / SHAMANS DREAM Craig Kohland is a talented multi-percussionist, performer, DJ, music producer, retreat and ecstatic dance facilitator driven by the healing rhythm of the drum and the creative expression of the sacred.…

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Shaman’s Dream

Los Angeles based Kirtaniyas are a global Kirtan collective from London (UK), Hilo (Hawaii), Hamburg (Germany) and Gainesville (Florida). These energetic, multitalented twenty-somethings grew up in a Vedic culture of song, dance, philosophy and devotion…

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Jacob Duran is a multi-dimensional, multi-instrumentalist, live, improvisational electronic performer, who bridges the worlds with ancient sanskrit prayers, shamanic invocations, cutting-edge live electronic sound performance/production, and sound healing expertise. Styles range from ambient to dubstep/drum…

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Jacob Duran

Modern science may confirm what we intuitively intuitively feel and know — that there’s a tangible connection between the heart, mind and world ~ waves and vibrations connect us to the world and each other.…

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Midnight LuvFest

E^2 (Wisam Reid) born in Venezuela is deep house and downtempo groove at it’s finest. His heady, melodic, and groovy mixes blow minds in headphones as well as any dance floor. While studying Computer Engineering…

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“dela Moontribe’s music spans a range that includes groovy drum and bass, heavy dubstep, midtempo glitch, and dreamy downtempo. Dub, tribal, world, hip hop, and techy elements infuse her music, joining deep baselines and thundering…

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Dela Moontribe

Brad was born a music lover. By high school he was DJing backyard parties in Long Beach and had already become addicted to the latest 12″ vinyl releases. His love and passion for cutting edge…

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Brad Moontribe

Amae Love is an eclectic singer / songwriter with a sultry, soulful voice that embodies a modern approach to soul, blues, R&B and jazz. Amae takes the best of that classic vintage sound and combines…

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Amae Love

Raised on the coast of California, Alycia Nichole began singing and dancing at age 3. Growing up in her house, she was listening to Sam Cooke, Aretha Franklin, and the 4 tops. Alycia’s sound reflects…

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Alycia Nichole

World class DJ and eclectic tastemaker – Originally from New York, Los Angeles based Moses Truzman aka Audiomoe is lauded by nightlife elite for his ability to move crowds with high energy & captivating live…

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TORKOM JI is a sound healer and electronic music producer from Los Angeles. He has been facilitating group sound healing experiences at studios and festivals in So-Cal since the summer of 2012, and has provided…

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Torkom Ji

Souled out, not sold out! The Santa Barbara based Underground Souls collective of friends and family have enjoyed several years of giving back to the underground community our gift of great music and an even…

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Underground Souls

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