Yemaya Renuka Duby

Yemaya is an intuitive kinesthetic empath, transformational mentor, longtime community visionary, soulful embodiment midwife, dance facilitor, devoted to helping humanity to align in freedom and protection of the Earth’s beauty.
Rich of 25 years of practice and studies in the Healing Arts, Somatic Therapy, Trauma Release Work, Eastern and Western Spirituality, Dance and Yoga, Community Development and the Performing Arts, she just launched the creation of a complete online system of mentoring combining somatic awareness, and unique blueprints to deep Self-Love and active compassion for the present condition of our beloved planet.

Propelled on her healing path in her early twenties, she moved from Paris to San Francisco with the need to transmute her childhood adversity into the very gold she has been offering the world since the early ’90s.

After discovering the power of rituals and Earth consciousness, training back to her roots in European Shamanism with the Reclaiming Collective led by eco-feminist teacher Starhawk, she moved to Green Gulch Farm Zen Center, where she got trained in the discipline of meditation, balancing her relationship with the masculine and feminine paths. There she discovered the Somatic Bodywork which became her expertise. She graduated from the Rosen Method Center in 1995 and continued to assist Marion Rosen and the school for another 4 years.

Yemaya brings a keen gift for human empowerment through her leadership in international workshop and retreats and contribution to conscious intentional communities in California, Hawaii, France, Canada, Indonesia, Mexico and New Zealand.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Our Cyclical Universe: Turning Planetary Trauma into Tribal Magic

    105 min | Altar of Fire

    From Birth to Death, Menstruation to Menopause, Seed to Compost, Spring to Winter, we live in a cyclical universe. Bathed in the River of Life starting in the womb and tears of the Primordial Feminine, Ganga, Durga, Prakriti, Shakti, Papatuanuku, Gaia and the many facets and names of Her journey, our human evolution, whichever gender we embody at this time, requires us to reclaim the Full Power of our Tribal Magic.

    Our western society is finally willing to open to the Embrace of our feeling body, supported with the explosion and access to Yoga teachings, Sacred Plants Medicine, Somatic Therapy, Ecstatic Dances and Breath practices.

    Within this delicate journey lies the remembrance of our true power; of our Tribal Magic.

    Come dance, stomp, grieve, speak, be witnessed, experience QI Gong and Ninja moves as a light warrior tribe, discover your very unique part of the web and together create a ritual of profound impact and transformation.

    Take home a grounded map and let the ripple effect touch your communities beyond the festival times.


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