Wild Arts Collective

Wild Arts Collective is a Santa Barbara based group of creators and merriment makers. They are a diverse community of mixed-media artists who pool together skills ranging from painting, sculpture, set design and photography to produce radical and immersive art installations. WAC members collaborate on provocative environments that inspire dialogue around inclusivity and social justice issues in their community. Their creations simultaneously evoke a sense of beauty and an awareness of the importance of art as a powerful tool for change. Whether curating small spaces, or larger events and performances, WAC invites people from all walks of life to engage their senses, play more and deepen their curiosity.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Resistance to brutality through the humble act of letter writing

    120 min | Altar of Air

    Pen Connection is a group that writes letters to refugee adults and children detained by our government in prisons. We send messages of hope and connection and we strive to make our letters beautiful. All materials provided.

  • Inclusivity in the Santa Barbara Arts Community

    60 min | Altar of Air

    This is an open dialogue for POC/non-binary artist to share their experiences and vision a more inclusive environment to thrive.

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