Vanita K Gupta

Dr. Vanita K Gupta helps people gain mastery of their mind and body to achieve optimal health and wellness so they feel liberated, confident, and empowered to create the life they desire here and now. By deepening relationships with their body and health, she helps people break out of existing belief structures to create unity and harmony within their body and on Earth, as well as with their multi-dimensional existence. With her unique background, she bridges the gap between science and spirituality, evidence, and intuition, physical and non-physical, as well as Eastern, Western and New Age Medicine. With an ever expanding knowledge base, she combines ancient, indigenous, galactic and Earthly wisdom to help guide and establish a new path forward. Vanita is an intuitive quantum energy healer, a health alchemist, Reiki Master, coach, a chef at an Ayurvedic spa and homeschooling mother. Vanita also holds a PhD in molecular biology and biochemistry, an MBA in pharmaceutical marketing, 3 years post-doctoral experience, 8 peer reviewed publications and 12 years of experience in pharma and biotech before leaving the industry 5 years ago to pursue her highest path. In 2020, Vanita founded Food Alkhemix.

Scheduled Workshops

  • Blueprint for a New Earth: Biological Governance

    75 min | The Summit

    What does it mean to be sovereign, living off the grid, without an authority ruling over you? For most it means growing your own food, no taxes, educating kids without interference and self-reliance. It also means no external authority for basic infrastructure like roadways, power, sewer systems and trash pick-up. What felt liberating can suddenly feel overwhelming and daunting. Too often, new systems are designed based on old ideas and ways of thinking, recreating the problem, rather than becoming the new solution. As we dive headfirst into new communities and ways of living, it is important to address these issues. We know what doesn’t work, and now we need a model for what does work. By design, nature has created the most perfect machine of self-governance for us to learn from: The Human Body. Let’s explore the ways we can learn from the human body to guide our way forward.