Unity Grace

Unity Grace is a cosmic mystic, shaman, voice of wisdom and oracle transmissions, streaming miracle magic thru the space between the words

Workshops & Presentations

  • Flight Lessons 101

    60 min | PureEnergy.Love (Altar of Water)

    All 9 Levels of Creation are coming in to our form
    Attuning and Aligning all systems within

    Back to center
    Back to core
    Back to pureenergy.love

    Be in the transmission of LOVE to align with all

    There are 3 playshops are interwoven together.
    Consider “IN-tending” all 3.

  • Beyond Gravity

    60 min | PureEnergy.Love (Altar of Water)

    Integration of unity into the body through movement and dance...wow!

    Feel the freedom in your soveriegn lightship as you groove to PureEnergy.Love

    Assimilate techniques from flight lesson 101

  • Journey Home To The Stars

    60 min | PureEnergy.Love (Altar of Water)

    Intuitive gateways of love guide us to the star maps within

    Sit in the presence of a living Oracle transmission &
    venture to the inner dimensions

    Discover beauty and creativity within the wholisitic multidimensional self

    Lay down
    Journey inward through this unity transmission
    to remember the multidimensional nature of who we are


Check Schedule for all event times.