The Goddess Moves

Nicole Pemberton is a woman, Dance Artist, Goddess and empowered leader who believes in the power of movement. She has a diploma and B.A in Dance and choreography. Her travels from her professional dance career has taken her all over Canada, the Caribbean and the United States. Nicole has knowledge in many dance styles and is currently flexing her teaching skills in studios and schools all over Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver. She educates, choreographs and mentors with organizations SoundKreations, Footprints Dance and Movement With A Message. This Goddess has also been on a journey with discovering her womb and finding connections with awakening and finding healing through movement. This journey has been through study and embodiedment. She believes through movement, breath and full presence we can bring greater awareness to our bodies so we can start to clear blocks that hold us back! See you on the dance floor! OneLoveDance

Workshops & Presentations

  • Sacred Womb Dance Journey

    90 min | Movement Lab

    My womb has a story. Your womb has a story. It is a microcosm of creation, emotions, memories, trauma, dreams and manifestation.

    Your womb, your belly below your stomach, the organs between and around your small and large intestines, your pelvis, your hips and your vagina has a story, many stories! Men even though you don’t have a vagina and your not creating babies your womb has a story too! Between men and women their is the seed and the egg, in order for creation to happen one cannot survive without the other.

    Your womb is your powerhouse. Are you ready to embark on this journey? We will go there through Sacred Womb Dance Journey. This journey will manifest a safe space where we will illuminate our wombs through breath work, meditation, group work, group/self reflection, journaling, heart opening Cacao(optional) and most importantly DANCE! (self guided)