Terence Carfrae

Terence is an avid explorer of the esoteric aspects of being human. Drawing upon 20 years of study into human health, psychology, mysticism and movement arts, he aims to bring both depth and lightness to his workshops.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Embodying Shakti and Shiva

    120 min | Altar of Fire

    A powerful ceremony inviting the divine feminine and divine masculine to step forth into a space of giving and receiving. This is a deeply healing journey, allowing our wounded parts to be heard and our heart-space to be expanded. This is a 'closed container' ceremony. You are invited to stay for the duration of the event should you choose to participate.

  • Tending the Masculine Fire

    75 min | Altar of Fire

    Cultivate your loving presence in this workshop designed to deepen your connection with your masculine essence. This workshop will explore a series of exercises to hone your sword of awareness and bring this awareness into your body and your heart. A workshop for men.

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