Summer Savage

Summer Savage has been teaching and performing healing movement practices in multiple disciplines for over 15 years. She is trained in Anandha Ray’s Intuitive Shamanic Technique, as well as diverse dance & movement styles including modern dance, hip-hop, jazz, American Tribal Style bellydance, hoop dance, acrobatics, and more. Summer is a certified yoga teacher and a devotee of tantric philosophy, and feels a powerful joy in using movement arts, mindfulness, and embodied passion to ignite the sensuality and healing of audiences and students alike. Summer’s offerings blend traditional devotional techniques, ritual presence, and her years of technical dance and yoga expertise into a unique prayerformance style laden with raw sensual power. She also performs as a solo artist & choreographer, and is a founding board member, temple dancer, and healer with  Serpent Sanctum, a Santa Cruz based nonprofit organization dedicated to healing, empowerment, and the arts with sacred serpent wisdom. In her spare time, Summer studies clinical psychology and is pursuing a doctoral degree. She delights in sharing the power of enlightened, empowered sensuality, pure presence, and multi-modality healing with the world. Summer’s soul mission is to create a vibrant world inhabited by joyful, peaceful, & loving beings, one human awakening at a time!

Workshops & Presentations

  • Shaking Your Shakti

    75 min | Movement Lab

    From bellydancing to cabaret to fertility rites, humanity has always sought pleasure and power through erotic movement. Yet too often, we have distorted these sacred Desires through manipulation, shame, fear, envy, jealousy, & guilt, becoming possessed or controlled by Desire instead of celebrating our sexual energy, the shakti that coils and stirs within us. But what if our bodies are meant to be channels for this Shakti, and learning to embody our sexual Desire in a good way could empower our healing & personal growth?

    Come learn the fundamentals of erotic dance, erotic mindfulness, sensual consent, & how to pleasure yourself (and others!) through sacred sexy presence and movement. Come heal your relationship with Desire and unleash your full potential for authentic joy and pleasure, and learn to really shake your Shakti! All dance levels welcome.

  • Consensual Cuddle Puddle

    60 min | Altar of Fire

    In an increasingly isolating digital world, surrounded by more information than at any other time in history, many of us feel overwhelmed by our options and are struggling to connect in ways that feel good to us. We may feel starved for safe and intimate touch, yet not know how or where to look for it. With our culture waking up (thank goodness!) to the importance of consent, we all need to practice and refine our skills—but where do we start? If you've been looking for guidance on how to ask for and receive touch with a full heart and a fuck-yes attitude, if you've got questions about consent, or if just want a totally safe quickie cuddle or a hug), come on by the Consensual Cuddle Puddle and share your warm Heartbeat with us. We will explore some consensual exercises for intimate touch and heart connection to unleash the magic of the Mighty Cuddle in all its glory. All gender expressions welcome!


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