Storm is a tornado in the eye of a hurricane. She grew up a gymnast but now spends most of her free time stretching and working her way towards a career as a contortionist. She loves teaching others how to stretch in ways that feels good for the body and passing on stretches that can help your daily life. Growing up with scoliosis she was always plagued with back problems until she started looking inward and focusing on stretching and bettering her health. Little by little her back problems worked their way down to a bare minimum because of the 20 she took for herself every day to stretch. She loves passing on that knowledge to other people who suffer from chronic pain like she did.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Balance and Bend

    60 min | Flow Zone

    Bring your yoga mat and come learn the basics of contortion! This class is for anyone who already loves stretching or for beginners who don't know where to start. Geared to help your body feel good and improve daily mobility. Fun for all ages and walks of life!

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