Stephinity Salazar

Stephinity Salazar, BD, DNM, CAT, CBP, CRP, MH, BA, RYT is a bioenergetic medicine practitioner, polymath, sui juris, yogini and ecstatic dancer, in pursuit of truth, justice and sovereignty and how she may best be of service during this transition into the Aquarian Age.   Stephinity has been an independent researcher since 1998, received her BA in philosophy and religious studies, studied biochemistry for continuing education, carries multiple health certifications, is a registered psychotherapist, has a ministerial doctorate, and a doctorate in bioenergetic medicine and natural medicine.  She has a PMA called “Your Body Electric,” assisting clients in achieving health sovereignty and homeostasis, teaches unified physics and QED models to doctorate students, co-produces transformative events and is an artisan and former performing artist.  A huge passion for Stephinity is to teach/learn with others, sharing her knowledge and experience.

Scheduled Workshops

  • Legal Fictions and the Seven Seals of Sovereignty

    90 min |

    What does it truly mean to be ‘sovereign’—? To get to the bottom of this question, it is important to comprehend the many shades of mind manipulation, indentured servitude and false liberations. Stephinity Salazar has spent almost a decade contemplating this very question and her approach to the answer involves seven sub-types: Psychological (two subtypes), Health, Lawful, Financial, Environmental, Energy, and Global (which octaves into Galactic). This lecture will brief upon all aspects of sovereignty, with an emphasis on the lawful/ de jure (versus legal fictions of statutory/maritime court systems/ de facto) and the financial (focusing on corporate NAMES and different types of trusts in our banking system)— Because they are the two least understood aspects of control and in some ways, most foundational aspects in becoming sovereign in mind, body and soul in our modern world. The intent of this talk is to offer a taste for an axiomatic, all-systems approach into liberating ourselves from the false pharaohs of the vulture culture, so that we may be free to ignite our true gifts and stewardship upon our Pachamama Gaia.

  • As Above, So Below: Social Miasm Theory & the Many Metaphors for Suppression

    75 min | The Summit

    This talk is a brief adventure into a meta-theory proposed by Dr. Stephinity Salazar in her five-part dissertation: The concept of ‘miasm’ is a homeopathic term for chronic illness, which is viewed from a physical, emotional, situational and lineage perspective. The first and last of the 5-7 categorical miasms, is the psoric miasm, which includes skin ailments such as eczema. The foundation of this miasm and all subsequent is an increase in toxemia that becomes challenging to detox when this first miasm is suppressed. This metaphor can extend from individual health into mass pyschosis and microbial pandemics, not only in health, but also in revelations through history, current events and social media.