Shiva Mahesh

Shiva leads yoga and meditation in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA. His teachings are rooted in the Patanjali
yoga sutras and the Upanishads. He recognizes that, while written thousands of years ago, these texts still hold
strong relevance in the chaotic and bustling world we live in today.

He is also the inventor of “Heal”, an immersive sound meditation pod used in clinical therapy to assist people with coping and overcoming addiction and other mental health ailments.

Scheduled Workshops

  • meditative journey into your subconscious

    60 min | Sacred Fire

    Welcome to a meditative journey into your subconscious, to manifest anything.
    This voyage is intended to mindfully explore, visualize, and expand your consciousness from within, without
    any prejudice or preconceived notions. We will explore a practice of non-dualistic self-inquiry, used for 1000’s
    of years, to allow you to tap into your infinite potential, to overcome and manifest anything.
    This session in mindful visualization will activate the exact same neural networks to strengthen the connection
    between the brain and body. All while being in a relaxed state, enabling you to see yourself in a new light.

  • Meditative Movement and Experience in Bliss

    60 min | Sacred Fire

    A complete balanced spiritual diet of steady yoga flow followed by blissful meditation to keep you grounded
    while in your festival groove.
    The first half incorporates old yogic breathing practice of pranayama, breath control that leads you into the
    Surya Namaskar (sun salutation) to help tune your body to vibrate at its optimal frequency. The second half will
    continue to keep your vibrational amplitude optimized while entering your sacred meditation practice of deep
    self-inquiry and self-exploration.
    This body, mind combination practice of pranayama, yoga and meditation will help align and open the channels
    of your energy centers (chakras) tuned to your vibrational frequency. You can bask in the love, energy and
    positivity you exude for the entirety of the festival.